Surviving Cancer: Wrestling to Let go

It’s been seven months since surgery, five months since radiation therapy and things are finally feeling normal again. Well normal for me, I am in less pain everyday and my spirits are at an all time high. I guess I can thank summer for finally arriving.

Although I’m still struggling with my broken obturator, I decided to look beyond what’s wrong and embrace all the things that are right. I’ve had a minor surgery just a few weeks ago, it’s part of my treatment plan for the new obturator but I didn’t let it stop me. I was back to work the very next day swollen and looking like I had herpes – but I didn’t care. 

Life’s taken an unexpected turn, a turn that I’m extremely happy with. New interests, and new friendships are materializing. I’m beginning to feel like I’m closer to my happy place. I was on the bus the other day and I saw an older woman- she definitely lost most of her front teeth and her face had sunken in. Tears immediately came to my eyes, because I thought “this could have been me”. Had I not been in the position, exposed to all the technological advancements, connected to a talented Prosthodontist and had an amazing surgical team- I would have been 30, with a hole in my face and slight disfiguration (sunken cheek). I instantly felt a sign of relief, & recited “thank you Jesus”.  I won’t call it “luck” but I know that I am grateful to look the way I do today. 

I was fortunate to connect with a community of folks Surviving life after Cancer. I attended a private screening of Until20. This was quite an experience: I was accompanied by someone very dare to me & and I was motivated by the courage and determination of James. His story is breathe taking and he will always and forever be and inspiration to me. Cancer is mutherfucker and he fought long and hard

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