Live To Slay

Life after Cancer is mentally challenging. I have to constantly remind myself of who I was before and except for the scar  the cancer left behind- I am Still me.  Live to Slay: Life after Cancer, is my motto to wake up every day, embrace me with open arms and do the things that make me feel beautiful, inside and out.

The pins I designed with the phrase above, have help me to get through my day to day agony during my recovery stage following surgery. It is important to be reminded that you are not alone despite the mishaps one might face. It is my duty to help spread Cancer awareness and while doing so, remind fellow warriors that they too are beautiful and life is worth living.

My goal is establish a non for-profit organization, that will organize yearly events to fundraise money that will later be used in cancer research. The research obviously will not be conducted by myself, therefore I will donating the monies to other organizations such as ACS (American Cancer Society), OCF (Oral Cancer Foundation).

Another key element of the organization will be the uplifting of fellow warriors.  We ill accomplish this task by supplying free pins to survivors and their loved ones, donating gift certificates to survivors and patients alike.  The certificates will consist of, but not limited to: spa certificates, monetary donations for travel, custom wigs and dinner vouchers.

As someone whose life was affected by cancer, it is very important to maintain a positive attitude and remain mentally stable. Live to Slay is committed to helping while providing tools to survivors and patients to promote healthy, happy lifestyles.