Meet Jroachford

Born on the Island of Saint Vincent in the Caribbean, Janiela migrated to the United States at the age of 13 due to the death of her eldest sister,who was her primary care giver.  Life in New York was nothing compared to the tropics. The family oriented villages and the caring neighbors she once thought were annoying were sadly missed.  Nevertheless, she learned to fit in and the rest is history.

After working several years for NYC hotspot Cafe Habana & Habana Outpost, basking in NYC nightlife, attending various fashion and art shows, Janiela grew to realize she had an underlying love for Fashion and Beauty. She worked towards pursuing a career in the competitive industry by becoming a certified makeup artist and esthetician at the Aveda Institute. She also completed several fashion styling classes at FIT.  She later launched her company Bella Rose Beauty in 2012. The main products were virgin human hair & mineral based cometics. Two years later, she opened a women’s boutique in the Lefferts Garden section of Brooklyn. The boutique housed the hair products, and mineral based cosmetics in addition to women’s clothing and accessories.
During this time Janiela was faced with a sudden life change. She was dianosed with ACC (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma- a rare type of Head and Neck Cancer). The diagosis was definitely a huge bump in the road and required very invasive surgery. After surgery and several months of recovery, Janiela has returned to work in the restaurant industry with a new outlook on life.  She is now operations manager at a local restaurant in Fort Greene Brooklyn. She has learned that what we see as passion is really a hobby, the passion is knowing and understanding  God’s purpose for you and working effortlessly to fullfill it.

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  1. Alice M Neely says:

    We have an unusual Cancer, don’t we? I was diagnosed in 1990, then stage 4 by my 3rd surgery in ’93. But ACC is wonderfully slow and I still live each day to it’s fullest. Albeit, with more effort some days. 🙂
    Bravo for bringing awareness to our very rare Cancer, I saw your mention in the inter CANCER TODAY and was gladdened to see a fellow Warrior.
    Fight On!

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    1. Thank you Alice, very unusual I must say, hence why I feel that it is my duty to bring awareness to ACC 🙏🏾


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