Surviving Cancer: The Journey Continues

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything”! 

I made a promise to myself, that I will travel a lot more this time around. While sick and on “house arrest” aka recovery- I didn’t have enough memories that brought joy to me. Memories that transformed my atmosphere, you know the type that takes you go back in time, the ones that make you say I remember that day and hey, I want to do that again. I was so caught up in working, making money and thinking about the future- I forgot about the NOW. I didn’t realize how important the NOW is, how it prepares you for the Future in ways we don’t think about. I said all that to say that I am choosing to invest in my future not just financially but emotionally. 

I’ve planned a few trips for the year! I guess I sort of have a “bucket list”. After  two weeks of doctors appointments that didn’t solve the problem I was experiencing, this bucket list became ever so important. My obturator clips broke and boy was I devastated. Everytime I opened my mouth to eat, speak, or to do anything for that matter the damn thing would fall out. Much of my day to day includes speaking to people in person and over the phone, so this was a total mind fuck- 

My speech was now muffled because of air-pockets, and my confidence level has decreased. Shit, just when things start to look al right, something else happens that makes you think! What else, what the fuck else can go wrong. For every 4 good days,  8 bad ones follows.  Hence the reason for the bucket list,  I have no idea how much time I have left. If the cancer will reoccur, or if something else can go wrong, so It is important to me that I be comfortable to say, I’ve lived a completely full life if/when that time comes! 

The journey to healing continues! 

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