Surviving Life after Cancer: The Journey Continues 

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things”. 

Radiation is over and man was I excited to walk into the treatment room for that one last time. It was the first time in life though weak and fatigued did I feel such strength and victory. This was the first I  realized that throughout the diagnosis, surgery, and treatment, mentally I’d set goals for myself.  Surviving a 6 hour operation was a goal, fighting through 33 treatments of radiation therapy was a goal. Now, living and surviving life after cancer is a goal. 

Although eating is still a pain, it is expected to get better over time (2-3weeks), so Christmas dinner for me was more of a visual fulfillment. Having my family all together was the greatest gift and we all now share a bound that will forever keep us together. 

New Years was spent in Tortola with my best friend Jenese and her family. Jen and I have been friends since age 12, and through our growth we have lost touch but upon reconnecting we always felt like we’d never stopped talking. We are opposites that get each other, we are each other’s biggest fan,  well except for the significant others. Throughout my diagnosis and treatment, she has been the ultimate friend, a true example that family isn’t always flesh & blood.

During my stay in Paradise, the stuffiness ceased, the pain subsided, my saliva production increased, and my taste buds improved. The tasting I was most happy with and it all started with a sugar apple -to God be the glory-.  The sunshine felt amazing on my body, the fresh air felt like I was breathing in new life. Often times I would sit and just stare, thinking of how far I’ve come, how grateful I am for life and how happy I am to be a living testimony. 

We all must learn to Live good with one another, Love one another whole heartedly and Laugh unselfishly with one another. 

-the journey continues! 

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  1. Danica Grant Davis says:

    You are a very strong woman in every sense of the word. As you continue your journey, I pray God will continue to bless you. When I first started to read your post you brought tears to my eyes. I have seen my boss battle breast cancer she is also a survivor. Janiela you are truly and inspiration to all of us and I wish you all the best and my prayers are with you on your journey. Go girl!!


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