Surviving Cancer: the journey continues

“Learn to identify the many Blessings in your life & be Grateful”.

Oh how time flies! It’s almost two months since my last radiation treatment. I have since gone back to my work duties as a restaurant manager, travelled to the BVI to visit my best friend Jenese and to Disney world with my baby girl Isabella. Never in my past life would I have travelled twice within two months. Crazy right, I was always all about work, work, work but being sick has thought me that if you don’t create memories while you strong and at best, when you’re down and out- life doesn’t seem to mean much. 

I’m I completely healed one may ask? – no I’m not! There is still pain, there is still sad days and also slew of doctors appointments. Since radiation, I’ve lost my hearing on the right side and it’s quite frustrating. I can’t imagine wearing a hearing aid but if it comes to that then so be it. I am yet to have the final stage of the dental implant completed –  it’s something I am eager about but also very scared. My mouth still doesn’t open as wide as the average human. I picture that I’ll be in a lot of pain for this procedure since they will need to pry inside my mouth- 

Throughout the healing process the term or very popular quote “don’t judge a book by its cover” rings true for me. Everyone comments on how great I look etc but there’s still so much more happening behind my physical appearance. Nevertheless, I have chosen  to smile daily, live for today, worry less and love a lot more.

The journey to healing continues –

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