Week three 

Cancer – when we speak of this word, the action or result associated with it is often DEATH. As I often sit and think about my diagnosis and the fact I’ll have to experience minor changes is a blessing. Never being able to speak like I’ve done my whole life and living with an Obturator and maxillary implant is way better than dying. Hey, on the brighter side – I have not fulfilled my purpose. 

We’re off to a good start, the pain has been minimal and things are starting to dissolve in my head.  My mind is still jumbled for lack of a better work. However there’s this one thought that forever stands out amongst the many “Cancer don’t Discriminate & Why”.  You’re never too young, never too old, healthy or unhealthy. 

The journey is only beginning but, I’ve realized that I am truly love and I’m very special to a lot of people. This is also the time when I can truly single out who my real friends are- and I love them oh so dearly. 

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