Surviving Cancer: The reflecting moment 

No one ever expects to get sick, have major surgery and wake up with a piece of them missing. Go into surgery unclear of what to really expect, especially because the condition you are suffering from is a rare one.  This happened to me and it all happened so fast.  Let’s back track a bit, I was diagnosed in August directly following my thirtieth birthday, followed by surgery in October, followed by radiation therapy that lasted for six weeks. Fast forward to now – I wear an obturator which allows me to speak clearly , eat with out food clogging up my nostril or going down the wrong tubes and drink without choking.  

Some folks most likely get irritated when reading my postings because of my hashtags about Cancer.  I’ve realized through all of this that the only people who will ever truly understand me are others who have suffered similarly. My mentioning and relating to cancer with my postings is my way of overcoming and spreading awareness. 

It’s approaching a year since my first initial surgery, I’ve had one minor surgery since and another to come soon. My obturator that broke months after surgery has since then broke two more times to the point where It has to be glued in. I am still constantly in pain, I am still very much frustrated about the healing process. Removing this daily (brushing twice or when food gets trapped) is a constant reminder of two things – I had Cancer and that life could have been worst. It’s a constant reminder to be grateful for being able to still eat, drink, speak and look normal. Though I don’t say it frequently, I  do believe in a higher power, and is grateful to be living a testimony, yet all of my frustration has caused me to question my faith. 

I am thankful to everyone who have sent personal messages, of encouragement. I will continue to use this experience to motivate and inspire others, which I’m sure was the purpose intended for me!  

Live to slay: Life after Cancer is my motto. It is because I will use everyday of life to be the greatest I can be and create moments that will turn into memories that will last a life time! 

– the journey to healing continues, yet Still I Rise! 

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