Post Surgery: The Journey Continues

The MEDs were heavenly, the numbness and sleeping helped me to forget about the pain.  My face still very swollen, I was limited to being inside and consuming all my meals as liquids. Having the support of my best friend, other friends and family was heartwarming and completely necessary.

I had to cut off home visits from folks until I was able to see my doctor and prosthodontist. My temporary obturator had become a trash-trap, all foods that I ate, the blood from my wounds and saliva were all being trapped on the sponges. It smelled horrible and it was embarrassing- I smelled like a old hospital that was wasn’t cleaned in weeks.

One another note my visit to the Doctor’s and prosthodontist was stressful but rewarding.  Stressful because I had to get the temporary obturator removed, I was still very swollen and in a lot of pain.  It hurt, it hurt very badly, they had to numb my gums because the pain was too much. After a few tugs, a few screams and some tears the obturator was out, the sponges were removed and the smell, that horrible smell followed and I felt better instantly.  The stuffiness I suffered from, was instantly cleared up. I was happy!

It was time to place my implant, I would finally get my teeth.  Never in a million years did I ever think I would be living with a prosthetic implant.  It was nerve recking but exciting, because I would start looking like myself again. Of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems, the cancer had spread since my measurements were taken.  My implant was smaller than than the actual resected area, what does that mean? I was scared, I was nervous, I wanted to cry some more.  I wouldn’t be able to drink water, drink my smoothies, soups or anything for that matter, without it going up into my nose.

Dr Barbosa and Dr Chi, were amazing, they used alginate and worked magic. After about an hour of molding and refitting, I could speak clearly, I could drink water and most importantly I was relieved. Although the hardest part of this journey is over (my surgery), the pathway to complete recovery is going to be a bumpy ride.

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