When Cancer strikes 

I turned 30 on August 23rd,  and wanted it to be mellow and relaxing birthday. So, I opted for a weekend of cleaning my room, hanging with my children and babysitting my granddaughter.  It was perfect!

The following week, I was in the Emergency room of NYU Dental- seeking answers regarding pain I’ve been experiencing for months following an extraction that was supposed to take care of the issue. They ordered a biopsy, prescribed pain meds and I left the clinic with holes in my gum and tons of thoughts. The thought that it could be a Tumor/Cancer crossed my mind because it was mentioned during my initial visit at the clinic but I refused to accept that this could happen to me. After all I’d recently adopted a new lifestyle of eating healthy and working out on a daily basis. And by the way who gets cancer in their mouth?

A phone call from my doctor informed me that my biopsy results came back within a day – I was previously told it would be the following week, I began to tremble. Here I was at work scared but optimistic, frozen yet wishful. Replaying many different scenarios in my head of what my visit with the doctors would be like, and everyone ended with me walking out smiling.

I was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer called Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma that affects the Salvatory Gland- it appears in the form of an abscess around a tooth in the gum, then spreads through to nerves and eventually causes pain. From this point on I was deaf and numb, to everything the doctor was saying to me. Everything started to move so fast, the next I knew I was meeting with a prosthodontist to have moldings of my mouth taken in an effort to build my prosthetic zygomatic implant then I was registering as patient at Bellevue hospital to have CT scans and X-Rays taken- my world was spinning and I realized that my life will never be the same again.
Read more about my condition here:



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